Do You Use Paraffin Wax In Your Candles?

No. We strictly use natural waxes.
What Are Your Candles Made From?

Our candles are made from the freshest ingredients available on the market today. Purchased strictly from U.S. Suppliers. Supporting Small American Industry is our primary focus. This allows our customers to rest assured that they are not only purchasing quality, eco-friendly, hand made products, but products that support America as well.

How Are Your Candles Made?
We hand pour each candle. This gives our customer’s the freshest candle possible.

Where Can I Find Recent Updates To Your Site?

You can visit our blog by clicking on the blog tab at the of each web page. Or you can visit our blog directly by visiting
Do You Provide Candles For Fund Raisers?

Yes. Natural Wax Candles are a great Fund Raising idea. Please contact us for further information If your school, cheer leading squad, wrestling team, church, or community would like to use natural wax candles for your Fund Raising Needs.
Do You Import Your Candles?
No. We proudly hand pour each candle right here in Huntsville, Alabama.

Is Your Store Open To Local Customers?

We are an online business that services customers Nationwide and our candle cottage is not open to the general public. We do offer delivery to local customers within the Huntsville, Alabama area, please visit our shipping policy for additional store information.
Can You Help With My Event Candle Needs?

Yes. If you are looking for Natural Wax candles for your wedding reception, business function, election parties, or gala events, please contact us using our contact form. Please include as much information about your event, your contact number, and the best time to contact you.
Do You Box Your Candles?

Yes. Each candle is shipped packaged in its own box for easy gift wrapping. We will be adding a gift wrapping service shortly. Please keep an eye out at, or visit our blog for this service.
Do You Teach Candle Making Classes?

Yes we do. We call them “Private Pour Candle Making Classes” and they are great for a girls/guys night out. Our classes are perfect for children also. We can only hold classes within the Greater Huntsville, Alabama area. Please keep an eye on our calendar for class schedules.
Do You Have A Gift Registry?

Do You Sell Wholesale?

Currently, we are in the process of implementing a Wholesale Account Area. Please continue to check back.
Do You Offer Realtor or Home Builder Closing Gift?

We would be more than happy to discuss your Closing Gift needs. Please fill out our contact form to request additional information.